Hearing Aids

Hear for You is independently owned and operated. “Independent” is important to you. We are in alliance with 12 major manufacturers, not just one. That’s to your benefit. Think of it, if there was just one hearing aid manufacturer that was the “best,” why would we need anyone else?

While Hear for You hand picks some preferred companies because of research and experience, we still understand personal preferences. We partner with you to seek out the best combination of performance, value and service to suit your individual needs. It’s important to us that you are informed and educated.

In addition, you should be comfortable with your decision. Don’t think you are going to be saddled with something you just won’t wear. That’s why there is a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the hearing instruments, or we will credit your payment towards a new company or style and begin the 30 day process all over. We won’t quit until you are satisfied.

We offer the following styles:


Completely In Canal hearing aids (CIC)
A Completely In Canal hearing aid (CIC) is a hearing aid that fits entirely in the external auditory canal and is not visible at the surface of the body.  The advantage of the CIC is that it is less visible than some of the other hearing aid options and can be a good option for people with less serious hearing loss.  With the small size however, comes a smaller battery that typically has a shorter lifespan and runs on less power–limiting the available features of the device.
These types of hearing aids are aptly named as the sound receiver sits inside the ear canal.  While the body of the device still sits behind the ear, the sound receiver wraps directly into the canal usually through clear tubing.  These hearing aids are very small and provide some of the most comfortable wearing.  The greatest benefit is the quality of the sound since the receiver sits so close to the eardrum.  RIC hearing aids are the most popular hearing aid in today’s market.
In the Canal hearing aids (ITC) fit right inside the bowl of the ear.  Depending on the size of your ear, they are typically large enough to still allow for features such as volume control or program control.
In the ear hearing aids (ITE) were the first type of hearing aids available and most familiar.  ITE aids are less popular now days because of the newer technology found in other aids, but still have several benefits.  Being larger, they allow for twin microphones and a larger, more powerful battery to fuel these features.  The ITE aids fit securely in the mold of your ear.
Behind the Ear hearing aids (BTE) are the most common aid for high-frequency hearing loss.  The design is highly discrete and help to make this a very popular choice.  Although they are a good choice for hearing loss ranging from mild to severe, the device can be difficult to manage and require special care when cleaning.
The micro CIC is so small that only you will be aware that you are wearing it.  This highly discrete aid fits comfortably into your ear canal without the need for deep impressions.  Micro CIC aids deliver high quality sound while being controlled by automated technologies–eliminating the maintenance hassle of other aids.

Once you choose your hearing aids, they will be fitted to ensure a comfortable wear day and night.

Choose the most trusted names in hearing aids

When you need hearing aids, choose the most reliable, effective brands available. Products are available from:






All hearing aids are priced affordably without sacrificing quality. You can even bring in your broken or damaged hearing aids for quick service and repairs.